Monday, September 19, 2005

Solidarity demonstration

At 11 am, national and Islamic parties along with the Palestinian Prisoners Association and families organized a demonstration starting from the ICRC offices and then proceeded to the PLC using Jala' street and Omar Al-Mukhtar street.

The demo was in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners held in the Israeli jails.

Palestinian Reporting.


Erez checkpoint was reopened this morning for locals including merchants and labourers.

The crossing reamins closed for Palestinians holding Jerusalem ID cards issued by Israel.

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Beit Hanoun buffer zone

At 8 am, two bulldozers guarded by four tanks and APCs and some trucks resumed work east of Beit Hanoun near the border fence. The trucks were carrying gravel to make a buffer zone which may extend from 150 to 200 meters inside the Palestinian areas.

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