Sunday, September 11, 2005

IDF convoys

Convoys of IDF vehicles are now leaving Gush Katif for Israel via Qissufim road.

Palestinian Reporting

Northern settlement block

300 Palestinian security forces and a number of journalists are currently waiting to enter the northern settlement block with the pending departure of Israeli forces.

Palestinian Reporting

Tuffah injuries

At 5.30 pm, approximately 70 members of the Abu Erish brigades gathered in front of Tel es Sultan checkpoint, with further numbers blocking the road to Tuffah checkpoint. Exchanges of gun fire have since taken place with the IDF at Tuffah and 6 injuries have been reported.

Palestinian Reporting.


At 5 pm, five jeeps containing Islamic Jihad members stopped at the coastal road junction to the west of Nezarim and then moved to Salah ed Din road. They have since left the area and Palestinian security forces have now deployed on both sides of the settlement.

Palestinian Reporting.

Rafah explosion

At 5. 45 pm an internal explosion was heard in Rafah, with three persons subsequently being transferred to hospital.

Palestinian Reporting

Handover ceremony canceled

The joint handover ceremony marking the handover of Gaza to the Palestinians scheduled for 3 pm has been canceled by the Palestinians. This is on account of the decision by the Israeli government to leave the synagogues intact and continuing disagreement over the Gaza-Sinai border crossing.

Haaretz Reporting.

Palestinian Security Forces

The Palestinian DCL reports that the Palestinian National Security Forces will enter the settlements at 1700hrs today.

At the same time the Egyptian Security Forces will deploy along the Gaza/Egypt border.

Palestinian Reporting


As Seafa,
The Mokhtar has been informed by the IDF that they will leave the area tonight, and the people should stayinside their residences until the evacuation is completed by early tomorrow morning.On Friday, the IDF allowed 4 people to leave and return with food supplies. On Saturday, the gate remianed closed and the 11 students were unable to reach their schools.

South Kissufim
On Saturday, the IDF allowed residents to move in and out during the day time.

Abu Nahia
The IDF has kept the area closed during the weekend; the 44 students are not allowed to leave to their schools.

Palestinian Reporting

Rafah terminal

Rafah terminal remains closed for both departures and arrivals.
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Kfar Darom explosions

At 6.30 am the IDF ordered the residents of Al Ma''ani to leave their houses and wait by the gate surrounding the enclave. At 7.25, two loud explosions were heard inside the evacuated Israeli settlement of Kfar Darom, As a result, two nearby Palestinian houses were completely demolished and seven people made homeless. Another three houses sustained partial damages.

Palestinian Reporting

Abu Houli junction

At 0500hrs, it was reported that Abu Houli junction was re-closed.

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Fatah (Al-Aqsa bdes) members leave Interior Ministry building

At 0030hrs, the members of Fatah (Al-Aqsa bdes) who occupied the governorate building and the interior ministry building in Deir El Balah left the two buildings.
Palestinian reporting

Explosion in Deir Al Balah

At 2250hrs, It was reported that an iternal explosion took place at a local house in Deir Al Ballah camp. It belonging to one of Hamas (Qassam Bdes) members. Two injuries were reported and the house was partially damaged.

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Zurub outpost

At 2140hrs, it was reported that IDF dismantled Zurub outpost and the concrete wall surrounding it.

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The Italian Journalist

At 2140hrs, it was reported that The Italian Journalist was released and he moved with the Preventive Security forces to Gaza.

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