Thursday, September 08, 2005

Abu Houli junction

At 08.25 pm the IDF at Abu Holi junction started shooting targeting the surrounding area. No injuries reported.

Palestinian Reporting.

Palestinian death

At 6.50 pm, the tank stationed on the outer fence of Slaw settlement opened fire targeting some youngesters. One fatality was reported.

Palestinian Reporting.

Tank fire in Rafah

Just after 6 pm, the tank positioned at Salah Ed Din gate opened fire randomly targeting the surrounding area without any obvious reason. One injury was reported.

Palestinian Reporting.

Sufa Crossing

Palestinians opened fire on IDF troops near Sufa crossing. No casualties reported.

Haaretz Reporting.

Abu Houli junction closure

According to the Palestinian DCO, Abu Houli junction will not open before Monday morning. This is believed to coincide with the dismantling by the IDF of the bridge above the junction linking Gush Katif to Israel.

Palestinian Reporting

Gush Katif garbage

It is being reported by the Israeli media in the last hour that 1,500 soldiers have arrived in Gush Katif to start collecting garbage from the former settlements.

Israeli Reporting ( Haaretz)

Abu Houli observation post

At 9.25 am today, the IDF began dismantling an observation post located to the west of Abu Houli Bridge.

Palestinian Reporting

Gaza Terminals

Erez terminal reopened this morning following its temporary closure on Wednesday afternoon. The computers are still not working and all processing is being done manually which may lead to delays.

Rafah passenger terminal remains closed for both departures and arrivals.

Palestinian Reporting

Explosive devices in southern Gaza

It was reported by Israeli media at 9.00 pm that IDF sappers detonated two explosive devices found in the southern Gaza Strip.

Israeli media (Haaretz)

Moussa Arafat

It was reported by Israeli media at 11.25 pm on Wednesday, that the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) had denied the earlier claim attributing them with responsibility for the assassination of Moussa Arafat .

Israeli Reporting( Haaretz)

Militant killed near Morag

It was reported by Israeli media at 12 pm, that the IDF killed one of two militants attempting to infiltrate Morag.

Israeli Reporting(Haaretz)

Abu Houli junction

Abu Houli junction reopened at 10.40 pm on Wednesday and closed at 7 am this morning.

Palestinian Reporting

Two mortar shells

At 10.45 pm, it was reported that two mortar shells were fired from the Oraiba area west of Rafah targeting Atzmona settlement. The IDF tank stationed at the settlement security fence retaliated with gun fire towards Oraiba, and a number of flares were fired . The Israeli ambulance service was heard in the area. No injuries were reported from the Palestinian side.

Palestinian Reporting