Sunday, August 28, 2005

Homemade rocket targets the eastern borderline.

At 8.15 pm a homemade rocket was fired targeting the eastern border line. There was no response from the IDF and no injuries were reported.

Palestinian Reporting

Hamas celebrations in Deir el Balah

On Sunday evening Hamas arranged a children's march in Deir el Balah to celebrate the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip with up to 500 children participating.
Palestinian Reporting

Hamas member arrested by PA police in Jabalia

At 6 pm the Palestinian police arrested a Hamas member in possession of a bomb in Salah el Din street to the east of Jabalia camp. The Hamas member was taken to a police station in Jabalia which was then surrounded by about 300 Hamas supporters. Negotiations began between Hamas and the PA and the detainee was subsequently released.

Palestinian Reporting

Concrete road blocks removed around settlements

At 4 pm, the IDF removed the concrete blocks around Moraj and Atsmona settlements, and dismantled one observation post. An IDF tank stationed itself on the site of the former observation post.

Palestinian Reporting

Kfar Darom Restrictions

The house of the Bashir Family, northwest Kfar Daroum, is still occupied by the IDF. Severe movement restrictions are being imposed on the family, which have been in place since the beginning of the disengagement. However the IDF is periodically allowing one person to leave and bring food.
Palestinian Reporting

Gaza enclaves

In Al Mawassi during the weekend, 4 trucks of fresh food supplies were allowed into the area, and the IDF allowed about 20 small trucks of agricultural products out. No people were able to move in or out during the weekend.

The Mukhtar of Seafa reported that they are short of animal feed.

Palestinian Reporting

Abu al Ajeen area

Yesterday, 27 August, IDF allowed the Ismail Semairi family living southeast Qissufim road to leave their home during the day time. The Abu Farraj families living to the southwest of the Qissufim road were allowed to move once for two hours on Friday, and three times for two hours on Saturday.
Palestinian Reporting

Bomb Explostion in Beér Sheva

At 9.05 am a bomb exploded at the central bus station in Beér Sheva in southern Israel resulting in10 injuries. Initial reports indicate that it was a suicide bomber.
Israeli Reporting (Haaretz)

Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli Junction was closed at 0500hrs Sunday. Karni, Sufa and Nahal Oz are partially opened.

Palestinian Reporting