Friday, August 26, 2005

Explosion near Sofa

At 4.05 pm a roadside bomb exploded near an IDF military jeep on the green line south of Sofa. Al Aqsa Brigades claimed responsibility.
Palestinian Reporting

IDF leave occupied homes

At 5.30 pm the IDF left the two occupied houses west of Kfar Darom belonging to Sobhi and Ali Al Tawashi families.
At 6.30 pm the IDF left the occupied houses of Abu Dahrowj located north east of Netzarim settlement. IDF informed the owner of the house not to leave without coordination with the IDF.
Palestinian Reporting

IDF dismatling OPs

At 4 pm the IDF started dismantling the OP north east of Al Zahra city/west of Moghraga and a second OP north of Al Zahra.

Palestinian Reporting

Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli junction reopened at 6.30 pm in both directions.

Palestinain Reporting

Siafa enclave

An IDF search operation took place in the Siafa enclave this morning between 1 am and 6 am. No arrests are reported.

Palestinian Reporting

Abu Houli junction

Abu Houli junction reopened at 10.40 pm on Thursday and closed again at 5 am.

It is expected that the junction will remain open from Friday sun down until early Sunday morning to coincide with Shabat, as happened last week.

Palestinian Reporting

Mortar fire at IDF base

Haaretz is reporting that Palestinians fired a mortar shell at an IDF base in northern Gaza just before 8 am. No injuries reported.

Israeli Reporting (Haartez)

Rafah terminal

According to Haaretz, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz proposed on Thursday a revised arrangement for Rafah terminal - Palestinians would be able to leave the Gaza Strip for Sinai without Israel's presence or intervention while people and goods entering Gaza would pass via a new terminal near Kerem Shalom, under the supervision of the Israeli customs authority.

(During previous IDF imposed closures of Rafah terminal in 2004, Kerem Shalom was offered as an alternative entry point for Palestinians however this offer was consistently rejected by the PA who did not wish to set the precedent of a new terminal point involving movement into Israel).

The preferred option of the PA with regards to Rafah following the Israeli withdrawal is the deployment of European border inspectors to supervise the passage of people and goods from Sinai to the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Reporting (Haaretz)