Sunday, August 21, 2005

Karni Crossing

The IDF state that Karni Crossing will not open tomorrow, 22 Aug 05. It is thought and hoped that it will be open the next day.

IDF reporting

This is due to the disengagement from Netzarem.

Coastal Road Closure

IDF has stated that the coastal road will be closed from 07:00hrs untill 19:00hrs on monday 22 August 2005.

IDF Reporting

IDF Land Clearing near Beit Hanoun

At 0955hrs, IDF bulldozers escorted by tanks and APCs entered the area to the east of Beit Hanoun near the border fence.
The bulldozers started to re clear the area and level the land. There is sporadic shooting in the area.
Palestinian Reporting

Seafa area was completely closed

During the weekend the Seafa area remained closed.
This morning, 21 Aug 05, the IDF told the Muktah that four people would be allowed out between 0800hrs and 1000hrs to bring in food. The four are waiting at the closed gate to exit.
Palestinian Reporting

Search Operation in Abu Farraj Area

At 1930hrs yesterday, 21 Aug, a search operation was carried out in the Abu Farraj area south west of the Kissufim road. The families in 4 houses were asked to stay out of the houses while they were searched. The IDF left the area at 2100hrs.
Palestinian Reporting

Areas Bordering the Kissufim Road

People in the temporarily closed areas north and south of Kissufim road were allowed to move in and out of the area during the day from late Friday until Saturday evening.
Palestinian Reporting

Shooting From Morag Settlement

On Saturday 20 Aug at 11:35 pm, The IDF O.P. at Morag settlement fired targetting the Al-Attatra area for 5 minutes.

No injuries were reported.

Palestinian Reporting

Abu Houli Junction

Abu Holi junction was re closed at 1:00am, it had been open since 5:30 pm on Friday.

Palestinian Reporting
The closure was 4 hours earlier than had been announced by the IDF.