Friday, August 19, 2005

IDF Suspend Operations for Weekend

Haaretz is reporting that the IDF have finished their operations for the weekend and will restart on Sunday.


It is not clear whether all the settlers have been removed from the southern settlement block.

Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli Junction was reopened at 5:30 pm on Friday, from north to the south.

The fact that the crossing opened earlier than intimated by the IDF may indicate that the removal of settlers and anti-disengagement activists from the Gush Katif settlement block has been completed earlier than expected.
Palestinian Reporting

The committees of protection and support arrange a festival in airport of Gaza

The committees of protection and support arranged a festival in the Gaza International airport near Rafah at 4:40 pm on Friday, on the occasion of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.
Abu Mazin and his aides will participated.

Palestinian Reporting.

Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli junction (AHJ) is expected to open this evening with the start of Shabat and to remain open until the end of Shabat with sun down on Saturday evening. As the IDF will not recommence the evacuation of the remaining settlements until Sunday morning it is therefore expected that AHJ will be open from this evening until 5 am on Sunday, 21 August.

Palestinian Reporting

Gunfire at Gadid settlement

Gunshots were fired by Palestinian militants towards Gadid settlement in the last hour.

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Disengagement Update. 19 August

By Thursday evening the Israeli Police and IDF had completed the evacuation of a further 6 settlements - Netzer Hazani, Gan Or, Shirat Hayam, Kfar Yam, and crucially Neve Dekalim and Kfar Darom. The fall of Neve Dekalim and Kfar Darom seems a sure sign that the evacuation plan remains on course given the presence of hundreds of hard line opponents in these two locations. Today the focus is on Gadid with the Israelis hoping to complete the evacuation by sun down. The IDF has stated repeatedly there will be no forced removal of Israeli citizens during Shabat.

If the evacuation of Gadid is completed today then only 4 settlements remain - Katif, Atzmona, Nezarim and a small group of hard line opponents who remain in Elei Sinai. Atzmona residents have stated they will leave voluntarily on Sunday with Netzarim to follow on Monday.

Thursday night saw an upsurge in incidents throughout Gaza with the firing of rockets and mortars by Palestinians towards Morag, Netzarim and Ganei Tal. One IDF soldier was lightly injured in the Netzarim attack while a Palestinian was wounded in Beit Hanoun village when the IDF opened fire from north of the border line.

Palestinian Reporting

Three Mortar Shells fired towards Ganei Tal

It was reported that 3 mortar shells were fired by Palestinian militants at 3 am targeting Ganei Tal settlement. No injuries reported.

Additionally, it was reported by Haaretz that just after midnight, Palestinian gunmen shot at an IDF position near Rafah. No injuries reported.

Palestinian Reporting

Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli Junction re-opened at 11.50 pm on Thursday evening in both directions and closed at 5.00 am. (These are the same hours that were permitted on Wednesday evening).

The IDF has stated consistently that Abu Houli junction will remain open during Shabat, security conditions permitting.

Palestinian Reporting

IDF opens fire towards Beit Hanoun Village

IDF troops stationed on the border line north of Beit Hanoun opened fire for 5 minutes towards Beit Hanoun village on Thursday night. One injury was reported to a 20 year old man.