Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Home made rocket fired at Morag

One home made rocket has been fired by Palestinian militants at Morag settlement. The IDF did not respond.

This attack is assumed to be in response to the earlier West Bank killings.

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Settler Protests

Approximately 500 settlers have congregated on the Qissufim bridge overlooking Abu Houli junction in protest at the ongoing Israeli disengagement.
The demonstration ended peacefully at 2009hrs

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Disengagement, 17 August. Overview

The lastest figures available from Haaretz indicate that 8 of the total 21 Gaza settlements have now been evacuated. Significant among those evacuated today is Morag where strong resistance had been predicted. A further 3 settlements - Gadid, Kfar Yam and Rafiah Yam now have a total of 8 families remaining . While 158 families have now departed Neve Dekalim, 249 families are still present (Israeli web sources). It is also reported (Israeli web sources) that 600 foreign workers - primarily Thai and Nepalese - will shortly be evacuated to youth hostels in Israel.

Late afternoon, 3 Palestinians were shot dead by an Israeli in an industrial estate in the north West Bank settlement of Shilo. Hamas has since stated that it will avenge the attack thus potentially jeopardising the calm that has prevailed between Palestinian and Israeli forces in the last 48 hours. It can be assumed that both sides will do their utmost through such forums as the joint coordination room, recently established at Erez to ensure that conflict does not break out.

Three Palestinians killed in Shilo settlement

An Israeli man shot dead three Palestinians and wounded four more in the industrial area in the north West Bank settlement of Shilo. It is believed this action was related to the ongoing Israeli disengagement from the Gaza Strip.

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Erez and Rafah Terminal

Erez terminal is closed for Palestinian movement however, 60 workers and 60 factory owners were allowed to enter Erez industrial zone. (This compares with Tuesday's figures of 37 workers and 255 factory owners).

Patients and "humanitarian" cases are being allowed to cross into Israel with coordination from the Israeli DCL.

Rafah terminal remains open for passenger movement in and out of Gaza, although coordination is still required for males aged 16 to 35 years.

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IDF Bases

IDF has established two new army bases at the southern border with Gaza - one to north of Beit Hanoun and the other one located north west of Erez terminal. Both bases are located inside Israel.

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Abducted Journalist

There is still no indication of the whereabouts of the French journalist seized by kidnappers on Sunday evening. French President, Jacques Chirac was reported on Tuesday to have threatened to withhold funds to the Palestinian Authority unless his release is secured.

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Incursion south of Kfar Darom

The IDF tank and bulldozer returned to Kfar Darom settlement at 12.15 am after searching the two family homes in the Al Tawayshi area. No injuries are reported.

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Evacuation Update

According to Haaretz, large number of Israeli troops entered Neve Dekalim settlement following the expiry of the midnight deadline for voluntary evacuations on Tuesday. Reports indicate that hundreds of opponents of the disengagement have barricaded themselves in the key locations including the central synagogue.

Haaretz further states that the residents of Gani Tal and Azmona settlements will leave today and be followed by Nezarim residents on Monday, 22 August.

The Israeli Prime Minister Office is reported as saying that the majority of settlers are expected to be out of Gaza within "48 hours".

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Abu Houli Junction

Abu Houli Junction closed in both directions at 8.30 pm on Tuesday and has not reopened since.

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